Tuesday 18 December 2018

Your Bag Or Your Life

Armed Robber 1: Oya, make all of una come down from the bus, sharp sharp! Una money o, phone o, jewellery o, make una drop everything for ground here.

Passengers: (moaning and groaning as they scrambled out of the bus) Ha, God please help us o. God help us this December. Ah, hey...

Armed Robber 2: (gesturing at his colleagues after the passengers had done as they were asked) Search them... their bag and their pocket dem, even under their clothes... dem fit still hide something.

Armed Robbers 1 and 3: Oya, make una line up dey come one after the other (and they began searching the passengers).

Armed Robber 1: (addressing a young man who looked to be in his early twenties, and had a backpack strapped across one shoulder) Open this ya bag make I see wetin dey inside.

Youngman: (voice quivering slightly) Nothing dey inside, Oga. I don give you everything wey I get.

Armed Robber 1: Open am for me jor, no dey tell me jargons.

Youngman: (face hardening with a sudden wild desperation) I no got fit open am. (And all at once, he broke into a run).

Armed Robber 1: Stop there! (He made as if to run after the fleeing man but instead raised his gun and fired. The young man dropped to ground. Dead. Shocked shouts went up from the other passengers of the bus).

Armed Robber 2: Why that idiot stubborn like that? Quick, go comot the bag from him body. Na money go full inside.

Armed Robber 1: (Rushes to the dead man and roughly yanks the backpack off him. He opens it, upends its content onto the ground, then shouts in shock and disgust.) Omo, no money dey inside o. Na so so woman pant full inside!

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