Saturday 23 February 2019

#ElectionDay Palaver

He was at his polling unit, dressed suavely in matching Tee and shoes. It was 9am in the morning and he looked ready to actively play his part in deciding the country's future.

In one hand was his iPhone 6, bought London-used 6 months earlier but still looking brand new thanks to his careful maintenance. In the other hand was a Permanent Voter’s Card.

The hand with the phone was lifted up in the selfie position while the other hand was folded over his chest, displaying the PVC he held. The polling unit with its queue of people and INEC officials acted as a background.

He clicked and clicked away. Then he scanned through the pictures and selected one in which he not only looked his ‘pengest’ but also had the PVC looking a bit blurred so none of the details on it could be read.

He uploaded to picture on Twitter, to let his 10k plus followers know he was not all talk but also action.

Satisfied, he turned back to the young man beside him from whom he had borrowed the card for the quick picture for the gram, and handed it over.

“Thanks, Bro. Na Gee you be.” Then he made his way back home.

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