Saturday, 11 January 2020

Going My Way

Going my way... I'm just going my way.
I mind my business; mind yours too.
Don't look my way;
There is really nothing to see.
Do not sink your curious fangs in me…
Do not make me a distraction from your own raggedy path.
Or you pay the price as prey. 

Let me tell you about one
Who just yesterday, toed the path you are want to follow.
A sure lesson for all who meaninglessly probe.

It was at the park.
One of those quiet, government ones.
Stare at the leaves as they tango gently in harmattan breeze
Was all I wanted.
But this the pestilent stranger would not let come to fruition.
He sat at the bench not far off mine,
And stares he threw my way, unwanted,
His fascination growing as my own discomfort rose.

My dread was complete when he raised a hand clutching a phone.
No, don't do that!
Unspoken words, but still too late.
Dull click diffusing from his point to mine,
Told me the deed was done already.

Raspy, unnatural, like brittle leaves crushed underfoot,
My voice was forced out by the horror.
“Did you just take a picture of me?”
“Me picture, where?” lied the son of a dog.
I seethed in my seat, but could do nothing then
Short of violence, though I was tempted.
Neither truth nor reparation was forthcoming.

“Delete it,” I strongly recommended.
But an undeterred hiss that met.
“Wetin this one dey talk?”
He went away, leaving me there. Hot tears streaked.
What did he take my picture for? Why do that?
I was no cretin nor freak to photographed
And laughed at, or pitied with friends later.
These scars and disfigurement…
Oh, I hate the attention you bring.

And so, my attention was bought.
Just like that, without my consent nor choosing,
His way became mine.
I went after him, and it was easy to find him.
He was a part of me now, an unwanted extra appendage.
You always find your hand, even in the dark.
It was made easier by the post he put up on Facebook with my picture.
Captioned… “See this strange man I saw at Alausa park.”
Done for comments and likes, not compassion.

And he saw my strange face… one more time,
That meddling teenager who should have left me to my way.
And it was the last thing he saw; 
A lesson learnt the hard way.

Now learn from this before it is late.
Tend your business and leave me to mine.
Cut the stare and go your way…
My way leads to death.

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