Monday, 17 June 2019

Wetin Sege No Go See for Garage?

My name na Segun, people dey call me Sege, and na agbero work I dey do. For this my work ehn, e no get anything wey my eyes no dey see. I go just dey garage dey hustle jeje, na so I go dey see orisirisi things.

I don see person wey dey wear shirt, trouser and suit on top conductor work; I don see paraga seller wey dey drive C Class, I don even see person wey come chop for buka, carry him own woman come o, but when e see another fine yellow sisi, e leave him woman go follow that one, still no gree pay for the first woman food.

But as I don see things with this my eyes reach, the one wey surprise me pass na the one wey I see yesterday o. Omo, I melt o.

As I dey shadow my money for conductor and driver dem hand, I see one Toyota Camry drive enter. I look am, dey wonder “Who be this one.” Na him one man and one babe come down. Omo, the babe set no be small; black beauty, tall, be like angel. I hail the guy for my mind, Correct bobo wey dey carry fresh fish! Twale!!”

I look as dem dey waka dey go, I come dey wish say na me be the guy, make I get correct fine mama like that wey go dey warm my blood. When dem don go finish, I continue to dey do my work. E no too tey the bobo come back, come tanda for the car, dey wait the babe.

Small time reach, I look my phone see say my battery don low, na him I say make I go our oga for garage office go charge am, as Gen dey always dey on there. As I rush enter like this, wetin I see? Oga and the babe wey him bobo just drop dey kerewa ni sha! The babe bend, hold table, oga dey fire am from back. Omo!

Because dem face the other side, dem no see say person open door. The noise wey the two of dem dey make sef no fit let dem hear. Na him I jejely and silently close the door back, run comot o.

The thing shake me! I come dey reason the matter with myself as I dey waka go back my post. “Na wa o, na woman go spoil this world. Imagine woman wey get this kind correct, clean man, still dey sleep with agbero oga for garage. Only God know the kind lie she give the man say she wan do for garage. See the bobo come dey here dey stand like security man, no know say dem dey fire him wife kpaka kpaka inside office.”

E pepper my body well well, sotay I come decide say I go tell the man. I no like cheating and this one na big cheating. I no even send say my oga dey involved, last last I go deny say no be me talk.

Na so I vex go meet the man. But first I say make I clear my doubt. I ask am, “Bros no vex o, that aunty wey you bring come na your wife?”

The bobo look me up and down, dey wonder say who be this one wey dey ask jamb question. E sha answer, “She’s my girlfriend. Why you dey ask?”

“Eh-hen, I talk am. Because I see the way wey una too dey do when you drop am, I no say una dey marry each other. No spoil body too much for this thing wey I wan talk o… your wife and our garage chairman dey knack demselves o, as I dey tell you so dem dey do am for…”

The guy hiss. “Ogbeni wetin concern you? Na everything you see your mouth go talk?” Na so e waka commot for my side enter car.

Omo I shock o, I melt o. Eeeeeeh! So this guy know wetin dey happen. E go even be say na him arrange the girl for chairman sef. E own girlfriend! “Sege, wetin your eyes no go see for this garage work wey you dey do!”

I carry myself commot, go continue my hustle. E no too tey, the babe come back. The two of dem hug theirself enter car, drive comot. See life!

Omo, hustle o, make you no use your own hand dey carry your girlfriend give agbero oga because of money.

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