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Love Charm (final part)

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Smiling triumphantly, I went to the dining table and began dishing out the food into some plates I got from the kitchen.

But just as Jeff closed his laptop and stood up to join me, the door opened and in came Senator, bustling in with his flowing agbada and trailed by his driver and another man who had some of his luggage. I was shocked. He was supposed to be back at 6pm, Jeff had been so sure of that!
He was a bit surprised to see me already in his house too, but it was a pleasant surprise in his case. "Ah, Shakira. You are here already? Good girl, I can’t wait to hold you in my arms.” He closed in on me for a hug and a delighted expression came over his features when he saw the food I was dishing.

“This is why you will always be one of my favourites. You even brought me food. As if you know how hungry I am, and it looks very inviting.”

Without even waiting for me to confirm that the food was for him, he quickly flung off his agbada, washed his hands at the tap near the dining area and immediately began to dig in! I could only stand there and stare at him in mortification which I tried to hide with a stiff little smile. Where would I see the mouth to tell him that the food was not meant for him but for his PA Jeff?

I retired to Senator’s suite while he was still eating, frustrated and angry.

“What kind of man is this sef? See how he just came and scattered my plans,” I vented to myself. “Ah, omo, this is serious o.”

I spent ten minutes like this, pacing about the room, instead of going to have my bath like I had told him. Then, suddenly, it occurred to me that Senator eating the love-portioned food might not be such a bad thing, after all. I mean, I had never thought of it because Jeff’s love had desperately blinded my eyes and my brains, but shouldn’t I have been trying to charm Senator in the first place, instead of Jeff? I mean, imagine such a wealthy and powerful man being badly in love with me and doing anything I wanted; the world would be at my feet!

I started imagining him proposing to me, marrying me and making me his main lady, giving me everything and anything I want! He would be so in love that I would be able to get away with anything at all; even cheating with his PA right under his nose!

Omo, Kira, love had really blinded you and taken away your brain. Imagine! You left what you should have been chasing and was chasing the wrong thing. Even the Jeff that you want, once you get Senator’s undying love, you would have power over Jeff too and you would be able to control him and make him do whatever you want, I lectured myself.

Thank God for the turn of events that had made Senator eat the food! I could not wait for the charm to start working its magic!

That night, though, something that I least expected happened. During our session of sadistic sex, as Senator humped away at me, bringing down his leather whip hard and fast on my ass like a horse that was being urged to move faster, he suddenly started jerking and grabbed at his stomach in pain. He rolled off me, scrunched up into a ball and began to scream. I jumped up, rolled a towel around my body and rushed out to get Jeff. I knew his room was just two doors away from Senator’s.

Senator was rushed to the hospital, still screaming in agony, but I was not allowed to go since they had told his wife and she would be going down there too. Jeff told me I could go home. I was filled with dread and fear. Could it have anything to do with…

All through the next day I kept trying to reach Jeff and Senator to be sure he was fine, but neither of them picked my calls or responded to my messages. Finally, on the third day Jeff called me. He informed me that Senator was now fine, but had almost lost his life. The hospital diagnosis was poisoning and while the Senator was not certain it was the food I gave him that contained the poison, he was now very wary of me because there was a good chance it was.

“He doesn’t want to make much noise around it, because of his family and his political position, so he wouldn’t be having any investigations around it, but he doesn’t want to see you anymore, Kira,” Jeff coldly let me know. “While he is not 100% certain it is you, me I am very sure it is. And what is more, I know the poison was meant for me. What did I ever do to you that you wanted to kill me, Kira? Ehn, why?”

I cried out, “Why would I want to kill you, Jeff. You know I love you…”

He hissed. “Look, I don’t ever want to see you again. Don’t ever call me or cross my path, you this murderer. And if you know what is good for you, don’t ever try to reach Senator too, or he just might change his mind and have you arrested.”

And that was how desperation made me lose my cash cow and the man I had fallen in love with. “Ah, Baba, Baba, Baba! What did you put in that powder? What did you put!”

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