Friday, 25 January 2019

Cinema Irritants

I was seated in a cinema, watching my favourite kind of movie, a spy thriller. But I could not enjoy it as I usually would because I was finding it hard to concentrate, all thanks to the annoying, endless whispers from the couple just to my right.
I mean, who goes to a cinema to see a movie and ends up chit-chatting all through it? And when I say all through it, I mean all through it! Every second of it! Some people can be so annoying! I mean, why come to a movie if you are going to spend the whole time talking? Why not just sit somewhere, a park or a restaurant, and have your conversation since you would obviously die if you don’t talk?

It did not even help that the chit-chat was in whispers. And that’s because I was close enough to the woman, who was the one doing most of the talking, to hear everything she was saying. She was running a commentary on the film to her partner who was right there beside her, watching along with her!

“Now, she’s hiding the gun in his car, making it look like he’s the one that committed the murder… She’s going back to the house as if nothing happened… He is still sleeping… She is about to…”

What the actual heck!

I mean, I painstakingly choose movies that I know many people would not be watching (it helps that my preferred movie genres are not the main stream ones), just to avoid being in the cinema with annoying, noisy people. But here I was sitting right beside the worst kind of cinema irritants!

Moving to another seat was not even an option for me. I had chosen that particular seat because it was on the topmost row and gave me a very good view of the screen, also it had the advantage of not being too close to any of the ACs. What’s more, there were only a few seats left in the room and those were at the very bottom row that I knew to be notoriously cold and too close to the screen. There was no way I was going to move and inconvenience myself because of them! They were the ones that needed to fix up.

When I could take it no more, I voiced out, addressing the woman in a whisper that did not hide how pissed I was. “Please, madam, this is a cinema. Your conversation is distracting me from the movie.”

“Oh, sorry,” she apologized. But she did not stop. She just lowered her whisper a bit and continued her chit-chat, and I could still hear her very clearly!

After another two minutes, “Madam, really, you can’t keep doing this. You are inconveniencing me here, and I will report you to the management. Why must you run a commentary?” My voice had risen now. “This is a movie and not a football match. After all, he has eyes to see what is going on too!”

The woman gasped and began to say something angrily, but the man stopped her. “Let’s just go, honey,” he told her.

They stood up and I was surprised to see the woman carefully guiding the man the towards the aisle of the dim room.

He was blind!

That explained all her narrations. She had been trying to help him visualize the images that went with the sounds he was hearing; trying to help him enjoy a movie like everyone else. I wished then that I had been more patient.

After a brief moment, I stood up too and rushed after them. I needed to apologize.

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