Saturday, 19 January 2019

Love Charm

“Baba, I just want this man to love me like crazy. If you can give me something that will make this happen, I will be very happy. Money is not a problem,” I whined in Yoruba.

I was sitting in the humble, somewhat old-fashioned living-room of a similarly humble, somewhat old-fashioned bungalow. It was the home of a native doctor, a Babalawo, and I had come all the way to Ijebu Ode to consult him as he had been highly recommended by a cousin of mine.

“That is very tiny amongst the things my mothers can do,” he reassured me, also in Yoruba. “Shakira or what did you call yourself? Love medicine is what you want, abi? You will get it."

I smiled happily, not caring that what I was doing was the height of desperation. Desperate situations call for desperate measures and I was desperately in love with Jeff, Senator's PA. So don’t blame me.

It has been 3 months since our first encounter in France that had me falling uncontrollably in love, yet things were not moving as I had expected. I was not content with our illicit meetings whenever he could find time. I wanted to be with him always; I wanted him to love me; I wanted to marry him, become his second wife. And even if that could not happen because of Senator, I wanted to be with him always, wanted us to live under the same roof. But Jeff was not ready to take such a risk, and I knew it was because he did not love me enough.

Omo, it's not easy being in love o. The highs are always mind-blowing and the lows killing. I am always in heaven whenever I am with Jeff, and the days without him, which are a lot more frequent, always push me into depression. So don’t judge me if I decide to go to diabolical lengths to get him to be wholeheartedly mine. Well, you can actually judge me if you want to. I have never cared what anyone thinks, I always do what pays me.

“Fifty thousand naira... that is what it will cost you,” the Baba was informing me.

“No problem, Baba. I will give you the money. In fact, I will come back and give you more of it works the way I want it to.”

Money, silvery and crisp 1000 naira notes, changed hands, and the Baba handed me a substance that was tightly wrapped in dried moi-moi leaves and tied with a rope.

“Just pour it inside his food, all of it... lobatan. He will love you like he has never seen a woman before. He will do anything you want for you.”

I collected the love charm eagerly. “Thank you, Baba. Hope it will last forever.”

"Hahaha. Only an inexperienced child doubts the efficacy of medicine. Of course, it will last forever. If it doesn't, it is not my mother that gave birth to me."

Getting the love charm was one thing, getting an opportunity to use it another much more difficult thing. That was one of the problems I had been having with Jeff of late. He never seemed to have or be able to create time for me.

Finally, after 2 days of trying to reach him with no success, I magically got a call from him one Friday afternoon. I was joyous. Finally, his high and mighty had my time and wanted to see me. But when I picked up, I was disappointed.

“Kira, Senator wants to see you this evening,” he let me know, going straight to business without pleasantries. One would not believe that just a week ago he was ‘cumming’ in my arms, to hear him speak so professionally.

After a few questions, I learnt that Senator had been away on a trip for 5 days, just him and his family, and Jeff had not gone with him. He would now be returning straight to one of his tucked-away little houses, this time somewhere in a highbrow estate in Lekki, while his family would return to his main Lagos residence at Banana Island.

“And you? Where are you?” I asked Jeff.

“I am waiting for him at the house,” Jeff responded, then he added, “One of the drivers will come pick you up at 4pm-ish.”

“No. No need. I will drive down myself.” I knew the estate very well and could find my way there, but that was not even the reason for me wanting to drive myself down. This night might be the only opportunity I would have for a long time to use the charm on Jeff.

I quickly rushed to my kitchen and began preparing what I knew to be his one of his favourite dishes – fisherman okra soup with wheat swallow to go with it.

I prepared the meal, spiced it with the powder the Baba had given me, and packed it neatly in a cooler. Then I dressed up and was on my way to Senator’s hideaway house. I drove fast and arrived there at 3.30pm. I needed to be done with my mission before my sugar daddy's arrival. And I was well within time; Jeff had said he was expected back by 6pm.

Jeff was in the living room when I was let in. He was busy on his laptop and was surprised when he looked up to see me.

“Kira, you're very early. Was expecting you to get here by 5 or 5.30, since Senator won’t be back till 6pm.”

I looked around to be sure no one was within earshot, then responded. “Well, I came early because of you. I have missed you so much, so I wanted to see you a bit before he comes...”

“Kira...” he began impatiently.

"... also, I brought you your favourite...” I took out the food cooler and began to open it.

“You should have asked me before stressing yourself. Cook made me some food not up to an hour ago, I'm really not hungry.” Jeff's protest ended the moment I completely opened the cooler of food and he sighted the tantalizing okra soup with its rich garnishing of all kinds of seafood, from king prawns to crabs, accompanied by an aroma that would wake up a dead man.

“Ah, seafood okra... my favourite. You this girl, chaiii! I will eat small sha.”

The Story Continues>>> Final Part Up Shortly

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