Sunday, 18 November 2018

I'm In Love

I'm in love o. Hmm, your girl, Kira, is in love. Did I hear you say how can a runs girl fall in love? How can Kira fall in love? Well, you are not wrong in thinking that way. I have asked myself those questions too.

For many years, love has never been in my agenda. All my dealings with men have been for financial gain and never have I let my emotions get in the way. Only for it to sneak up on me now of all times; now that I was living my best life with the best sugar daddy a girl can ever hope for, Senator.

Well, let me even gist you how it all started.

So Senator took me on a business trip to France. Just like all his associates on the trip, he went his family – his wife and two of his daughters – but also took me along. Family was for the day time, while we, the concubines, were for the raunchy, night times.

Not that I had any reason to complain. It gave me a mega opportunity to shop and I was also going to get a huge payoff at the end of it all.

The real story of how I got to fall in love and who I fell in love with began on the last night of the trip when Senator and his friends had an orgy party.

All of them brought all their concubines together for a night of shameless pleasure. It was quite wild. Hot naked girls of various shapes and colour were all over the luxurious Parisian penthouse. The big men were naked too, pot bellies and hairy chests in full display, grabbing any girl within arm’s length and having their way with them. Each did not care if it was his best friend’s girl he was having sex with and the best friend did not care either. We were all just their playthings and they didn’t mind sharing us with their friends, the way little boys would not mind sharing their toys with pals.

I hadn’t liked it one bit… hadn’t liked the idea of being passed around these Viagra-charged, overweight old men, but what choice does a girl like me have? The money I would be getting from Senator for accompanying him on the trip was not seresere, and at least, I was not getting whipped or tortured by him for once. Also, the men used condoms so there was nothing to be afraid of in terms of venereal diseases.

There I was pinned beneath a pint-sized governor from the Southwest, high from the all the alcohol and narcotics I had consumed, then suddenly, I caught sight of Senator’s PA, Jeff’s naked body. At some point in the evening, Senator had given him, and his friends’ PAs, the go-ahead to join in the orgy instead of just standing around like statues. And they had. But of course, each was careful not to go near any girl that belonged to their own boss.

So there was Jeff, a few paces away, humping away at some chic in the doggy position and as I stared at his whole unclothed body, my heart stopped beating; the sight totally swept the breath out of my lungs.

So this is what this dude has been hiding under those very formal and slightly oversized dark suits he always wears, I gasped inwardly. My God, what a tall glass of dark chocolate.

Jeff was tall, dark and had an averagely okay face, this I had always known. But I had never realized that he had such a hot body to go along with it all. In fact, he was better suited to being a model, actor or even a bouncer than a Senator’s PA, with that body. The broad, well-sculpted back and shoulders, the taut, shiny muscles that covered his tall frame, the well-shaped legs. Wow! I was melting as I fed my eyes on it all.

And when he pulled out of the girl he was riding and collapsed face up on a sofa, I saw what was between his legs… and I died.

After that sight and the thoughts it wrought in my mind, making me imagine that he was the one digging and panting away on top of me, instead of the governor, I was done for. From that moment, I could not stop thinking of Jeff; could not stop wishing I could have him wrap me in those powerful arms. In time, I became obsessed with him, and it grew into a desperation to have him. Just once, just one taste.

When my mind is made up to get something, I never rest until I get it. Once my mind was made up to get Jeff, it was only a matter of time before he fell into my trap. And I got my chance to strike a month after the France trip.

Senator took me on another trip and this time it was to Accra. Once we were checked into our rooms in the prestigious Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, Accra, Senator had to quickly retire into a hush-hush meeting political meeting, and for the first time, Jeff did not have to go in with him. My heart rejoiced when I heard that. Here was my opportunity.

Quickly, I stripped my clothes down to the minimum – a tank top and a curve-flattering cameo bum short. Then I went knocking on Jeff’s door. When he answered, I feigned having an issue with my phone that I needed his help with.

Once I was in the room and he had closed the door, I dropped that pretense and in one quick swoop took off my tank top. I had nothing on beneath it.

Few men can resist the sight of a woman’s naked breasts, turned out Jeff was not one of them. In seconds, we were in each other’s arms and in minutes, we were writhing away in his bed in ecstasy. Everything I had thought sex with him would be was proven right beyond my expectations. He was not well-endowed for nothing.

When we were done, he sighed and groaned, “Ah, Kira, you will put me in trouble o. Ah, this woman!”

I just giggled, sated and happy. “Don’t worry, jare. Is it not if we get caught that you will get in trouble? With me, you will never get caught.”

After that first taste, I knew I wanted more and more of Jeff, and as we continued to meet secretly, I realized I could never get enough of him. I wanted to be with him often and whenever I was not with him, I kept thinking and daydreaming about him. There was no doubt that I had fallen in love, badly in love. But the big question is, does Jeff love me too?

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