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Corper Sean: Felicia Must Fall

Life is full of ups and downs, indeed. One moment, I am down and going through hell in the hands of Oluchi and her friends, and the next I am up and enjoying life even more than before, all thanks to my principal.

As promised, she reported the issue to the police, stating that I was forced into a compromising situation, robbed and continuously blackmailed. All the culprits were arrested and the men (Oluchi’s boyfriend and his friend) were made to write a statement that they would never bother me again. They were also asked to return all the money they had extorted from or risk going to jail. Of course, they had spent most of it. They returned what they had and promised to pay back the remaining little by little.

Oluchi herself would have been expelled had I not asked Principal to forgive her. I still had plans for her. I turned the money-hungry little criminal to my sex slave by threatening her with expulsion. The sex was not mind-blowing at the end of the day sef, but the good thing was whenever I called, she came running.

Of course there was a price to pay for all Principal’s help, and that was becoming her gigolo.

It was not the most pleasant of experiences; her body and the fact that she was old enough to be my mother made it ‘somehow’ for me. Still, it was a small price to pay for all the benefits I got. Not only did she help me get out of trouble with my blackmailers, there were also numerous other perks. I could do and undo in the school and I began to live like a king. The best part of it all was that she was not a jealous woman by nature. She knew about my shenanigans with female students and let me ride on, as long as I responded whenever she called, which was not too often (she only had need for my services whenever her husband was out of town).

However, it seems I love getting in trouble, for even as I was enjoying all of this, I decided to use my own hands to look for trouble again. I began lusting after Felicia.

Yes Felicia, the born-again female corper; my roommate, Diran’s heartthrob.

It all started one afternoon when I was home from school very early. I was going to the kitchen when I saw her walking to the bathroom, with nothing but a towel on her body. Usually when she wants to have her bath, as a born-again sister, she wears a big t-shirt over her towel, but today, thinking there was no one else in the lodge, she didn’t.

I was in shock as I watched her. God, is this Felicia’s backside I am seeing that is so big?

I never knew she was so endowed. The thing was just swaying from side to side seductively. So this is what this girl has been hiding under all those her ‘oversize’ clothes and born-again fa├žade.

I must get this girl o. I must. Felicia must fall! I decided there and then.

I didn’t care that my roommate Diran was in love with her. I would be an incredible dullard to allow a bush boy like him score that sexy butt over me, bro-code or no bro-code.

I began to strategize. First, I needed to become friends with her, then I would worm my way under her skirts.

After giving her time to finish dressing up, I went to check on her. She was surprised to see me, of course, since I usually don’t socialize with her, based on my perception of her being a boring spirikoko type. Her reception was a bit stiff, but I was able to soften her up with my charming ways. Soon, we were chatting about the scriptures, church and religious things in her room.

Then I ventured into more personal things.

“How are things between you and Diran. Is he your boyfriend?”

“Diran is my friend, not my boyfriend,” she informed me.

We were sitting on her bed as we chatted. She was wearing a long, shapeless gown that hid the enticing curves I had sighted just hours before. Facially, she was not too attractive, simple face, no makeup, woven hair. But these did nothing to reduce my lust for her.

“Are you sure? Hmm. I have liked you for a long time, but because of the closeness between Diran and you, I decided to stay away.”

“Like I said, we are just friends,” she insisted. “But this one you are saying you like me, don’t like me o. I know you very well, I know you are a bad boy. I have seen all the girls that come looking for you and Diran has also gisted me about you.”

“Feli, don’t see me as a bad boy na. When I am in love, I am an angel.”

I continued putting ‘work’ in her head, telling her how I had grown to like and respect her each day, how she inspired me to be a better person and how I was certain that with someone like her as my girlfriend, my life would turn around for the better.

As I spoke, I moved closer to her and tried to touch her hand, but she shifted away with a small frown.

I realized getting her would not be easy, and as a sharp guy who had no time for long things, I strategized on how to get her fast.

Over the next three days, I showered her with a lot of attention, care and charm without going beyond her boundaries. Then when I saw that she had gotten very used to me, I completely withdrew and ignored her. Even when she came to my room, with or without Diran’s presence, I would either pretend to be sleeping or excuse myself.

“Did I do something wrong?” she was finally able to pin me down in the corridor after two days of my cold treatment. “I don’t understand the way you have been behaving.”

“Well, I decided to give you the space you want. I have told you I like you and want you to be my girlfriend, but you don’t want it, so…”

“It’s not that I don’t want it,” she said, and my belly started ‘sweeting’ me. Okay, we are getting there. “It’s just that you are used to carnal things and I cannot do such. I have been in the world before but I’ve repented and now lead a holy life.”

“What do you mean by carnal things?”

She did not answer but looked away.

“If you are talking about things like kissing and cuddling, what’s wrong in a couple showing themselves affection? It does not mean I will sleep with you. I am more interested in building a lasting relationship that will lead to marriage with you.”

“Are you sure?”

After a few more sentences, that further worked my magic into her system, she invited me into her room. We sat on her bed, very close, and I put my hand on her shoulder, testing the grounds. She did not complain.

“Felicia, do you agree to be my girlfriend?” I asked.

She nodded, and I smiled. But when I tried to kiss her, she pulled away.

“Feli,” I sighed, “there is nothing wrong for a man and woman that are dating to kiss and cuddle. Trust me, I am not trying to have sex with you.”

I tried again, she allowed me this time.

I continued kissing and caressing her, stopping whenever she complained to whisper sweet things into her ear then continue, slow and steady like a rat trying to steal food from the hand of a sleeping man. She was wearing a skirt that reached below her knees, but it was not long before my hand slid under it, caressing her thighs and then moving towards her pubic region. She stiffened when I touched it through her panties, but I did not stop, I caressed it slowly till she loosened up and began to moan.

I knew it was a done deal at that point. I continued to kiss her and continued to massage her down there, and soon, we were both frenziedly taking off our clothes and mindlessly giving in to the pleasure. All thoughts of ‘no sex before marriage’ was forgotten on her part, and on my part, I did not care that I did not have a condom at hand.

And that was how Felicia fell.

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