Monday, 1 October 2018

Angry Drivers

Tinu jabbed her horn impatiently with a fisted hand, trying to urge the Toyota Corolla driver in front of her to move faster. She might as well have been screaming into a vacuum cleaner for all the reaction she got from the other driver, who continued to move at an annoying snail-like speed.

She was driving on the Apapa-Oshodi expressway and was thoroughly frustrated. The first of the three lanes of vehicles was monopolized by trailers, tankers and similar heavy vehicles moving at their customary slow pace, so that was a no-go-area. The third lane too was full of commercial vehicles (danfos, molues, etc) picking and dropping off passengers. The middle lane she was on, was supposed to be the sane lane, but for the driver in front of her who had decided to move like a tortoise.

“What madness is this?” Tinu hissed angrily and tooted her horn some more. “Move man! Imagine! If this was a woman, people would be full of insults.”

Still no improvement.

“I have to get out of this lunatic’s back.” She looked around frantically, seeking for a way of veering out of her lane and overtaking the retard before her. The trailer lane was still a no-go, but she observed there was a break in the commercial bus lane, some metres ahead; apparently the end of the illegal bus-stop.

Quickly, once there were no more buses on that right lane, she changed lanes.

Now it was time to overtake the sluggish Toyota Corolla. She “trafficated” left and made to switch lanes again, but at the very moment, the Toyota Corrolla driver decided to pace up, accelerating to prevent Tinu overtaking him.

“What?” Tinu was livid. “See this man o. You’ve been moving like an ant all along and refused to speed up until I finally got the opportunity to overtake you? What kind of uselessness is this?”

She increased her own speed, determined to overtake the driver, whether he liked it or not. But he accelerated some more too, refusing to let her out-speed him.

“What the actually hell?”

Tinu wound her glass down slightly, waiting for an opportunity to give the man a piece of her mind. Her foot stepped harder on the accelerator.

“What is your problem…” she yelled when they were finally level, but that was all she had the opportunity to say. The man zoomed again, putting some metres between his vehicle and hers.

They got to another bus stop, so Tinu had to switch back to the middle lane, and was once again behind the irritating Toyota Corolla.

Dramatically, the man slowed down now. It was obvious he had only sped up to prevent her from over-taking him.

“But what is this man’s problem? Will I overtake his destiny if I overtake him?” she wondered out loud, to no one but herself. “You don’t want to go fast, yet you won’t let those who want to go fast see road to go.”

When they left the bus stop behind, she moved once again to the lane on the right and made to overtake the Corolla yet again, and once again, the man frustrated her effort by speeding up to prevent her getting in front of him.

Rage overtook her and she decided to force herself in front of him, not minding that there was not enough distance between them for a proper overtake. The man just accelerated even harder and would have brushed her if she did not quickly veer back to her own lane.

“Are you mad?” she screamed at him. They were not quite level but at a hearing distance.

“You are a crazy woman,” he shot back and sped on.

“I will show you!” Tinu promised. Her speedometer needle shot over 100, as she stomped fully on the accelerator. She succeeded in catching up with him and began to out-pace him. At the last moment, the corolla driver slammed his brakes and Tinu shot effortlessly in front of him.

“Ehn ehn!” she yelled triumphantly, then threw a quick glance in the rearview mirror, wondering why he had suddenly braked. It was then that she noticed there was a broken-down vehicle right in front of her. She hit the brakes quickly, but it was too late; she was already too close. Her car rammed fully into the parked, broken-down bus.

Behind her, the corolla driver switched lanes and continued on his way.

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