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Corper Sean: How I Disappointed Amaka (contd.)

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4pm came and went. I did not see Oluchi. I paced impatiently in my room. “This girl should not disappoint me o.”
I was alone in the room, and the lodge as a whole. Diran had announced earlier that he was accompanying the female corper, Felicia, to a prayer meeting. Felicia was the spirikoko type and Diran, who I noticed liked her a lot, had been doing the most to impress her. I hoped Oluchi would not allow this golden opportunity waste.

Finally, at 5pm, I heard a knock on the outer door of the lodge. I rushed out to answer it, moving faster than Usain Bolt.
I was happy to see that it was Oluchi. She looked as delicious as a vanilla cupcake and I could not wait to devour her. I led her into the room.
“You came late o,” I admonished playfully. “Look at the time.”
“I was answering message for my mother,” she responded by way of apology. Then without wasting time. “The money you promised me nko?”
“Relax now, shebi I am the one that promised I will give you. I will give you na.”
“Ah… no o, Corper… give me first. Let me see it.”
Na wa for this kind girl o. Eyes just dey chuk anyhow.
I brought out my wallet, took out 2 five hundred naira notes and gave them to her, hoping she would not complain it was small, the way the girl liked money.
I was relieved when she smiled and put it in the back pocket of her jeans.
It was my turn to be in a hurry. I tugged at her blouse and made to pull it off.
“Sir, wait let me pull it by myself,” she stopped me. “You too, pull your clothes.”
We both took off our clothes. My hungry eyes drank her in when she was done. Omo, see freshness! I could wait no more. I rushed at her and lifted her to the bed, locking my lips with her in a kiss as I did. But just as her back touched the bed, the door burst open.
I was shocked. I had definitely locked the door after letting Oluchi in. But even more shocking was the fact that it was not Diran standing there, but two strange figures I did not recognize. They came into the room and I shot out of the bed. They were both guys, rugged, mean-looking guys… the type that spend a lot of time on farms and have the muscles to show for it.
“Who are you people? What do you want?”
A hot slap greeted me and sent me back to the bed.
“Mr. Corper. So you call my girlfriend come your room, so that you go sleep with am abi? Your own don done today.”
I tried to get up again, another slap met me.
“Come on, lie down there. Shebi you wan’ sleep with am, oya dey do am now.”
The second man brought out a phone and began to take pictures of Oluchi and I in our naked glory.
“We go send these pictures to your principal tomorrow morning, so everyone will know how useless you are,” he informed me.
I immediately began pleading, asking them to forgive me, I would never do such again. I would not even look in the direction of Oluchi again.
“See as you dey beg like mumu. Useless boy. Ehn, if you no want make we send am to your principal, you go drop fifty tazan.”
My jaw dropped. “Fifty wetin?”
“Fifty taaazan naira, abi you no dey hear English?”
I started begging again. Where did they want me to get that kind of money from? Poor corps member like me?
“Bros, I swear, as I dey so, na only two thousand naira remain for my hand.”
“Which kind rubbish be that one wey you dey talk,” the one who had said Oluchi was his girlfriend shouted. “You no dey collect allawee?”
“Na 2k I get for house. Even for my account sef, I no get pass 15k. Abeg manage the 2k, help me delete those pics.”
They collected the two thousand naira I had left in my wallet then shocked me by saying, “We go follow you go ATM, go collect the remaining fifteen tazan wey you get for there.”
I could not complain. I dressed up and so did Oluchi. They were about to ‘obtain’ me of all I had for the month. How was I going to survive? I threw a bitter look in Oluchi’s direction. There was no doubt in my mind that she had set me up. I cursed the lust that had pushed me to talk to her in the first place.
That was how the men whisked us away in the okadas they had come with. Oluchi joined her boyfriend and I joined the other. We drove to the nearest ATM, which was in town, a good forty minutes’ drive from the villa, even with the bikes.
When we got there, there was a queue at the machine. The men were not comfortable with this and asked that we go to another one. We went from machine to machine till they found the one that was not crowded and was paying.
I withdrew all the money in my account, but not quite the total of fifteen thousand as I could not withdraw to zero balance. The men made sure I showed them the account balance on the screen to ascertain I didn’t have more left. They took the money from me, jumped onto the bikes along with Oluchi and zoomed off without another word, leaving me stranded there with only twenty naira on me.
I almost burst into tears at that moment, but had to man up.
That was how I turned to a beggar at the ATM point, telling people that came to withdraw that I was a corper and stranded, and needed 500 hundred naira to get myself back to the village I was serving at.
Many of them ignored me.
Luckily for me, two female corpers came to use the machine and, even though they did not know me, they gave me N1000. By then it was already 7.45pm.
By the time I got back to the villa, it was 9.15pm.
I entered the lodge, ignored Diran’s questions on where I had been, and just crawled into bed to mourn my loss quietly.
A full hour passed before I remembered I was supposed to visit Amaka, and by then, it was too late to do anything about it.

Amaka stomped to my desk the next morning and told me she wanted to see me outside for a minute, her eyes shooting flames of fury.
“Corper Sean, you should have just told me you don’t want to come yesterday instead of disappointing me like that. I was just waiting and waiting for you like a mumu. Is it fair?”
I tried to think up something to make her feel better, but I was still so dejected over the night’s ordeal, my brain refused to function.
My blank silence infuriated her more. “You. Don’t worry, I will show you in this school!” she snapped her fingers at me and stomped away.

I went back to my desk slowly, wondering how I would get myself out of all the mess. My nude pictures were still with those blackmailers and now a threat from Amaka… things were really getting out of control.

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