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Corper Sean: How I Disappointed Amaka

“Corper Sean, are you running away from me?”
I looked up from my notes to see Amaka, the young English teacher who was always showing me green light brighter than the green of my khaki.

Haba, Amaka, why would you say I am avoiding you? A whole beautiful you, am I mad?” I bantered.
“I don’t know for you o. Hian! I have started wondering what I have done to you. The other day I told you to wait for me so that we can stroll home together, but before I carried my bag, you were gone.”
“No vex na. I received a call that our LI was looking for me, so I had to rush to the local government,” I lied.
Truth be told, I had been avoiding Amaka in a way. It was very clear that she was interested in getting close to me, but I knew getting close to her would give me problems. From the sort of things she said during our conversations, she was looking for a serious relationship. Many times, she had told me she was ready for marriage and just waiting for the lucky man to come into her life. I was not ready for a serious relationship… I knew all too well that a serious relationship with anyone in that villa, be it teacher, corper or, God forbid, student, would mess up all my ‘flenjoying’, The last thing I needed was some female who saw herself as my wifie monitoring my movements and scaring all these sweet young things away from me.
Not that I was not tempted. Amaka was still young (around her mid-twenties) and passably attractive with caramel skin tone, pretty hazel eyes and long slim legs. Definitely, she would make a nice snack. Too bad what she aimed to be was a lifetime feast.
“Are you sure, Seannn. Me I have been hearing things about you and all these girls in this school. And I am sure it is because of them you have been doing somehow to me,” she insisted.
“Me and which girls? All these students? God forbid! What do I want to be doing with small small girls?
“Okay. If that is true, let me come and visit you this evening.”
Na wa o, this babe really wan’ hook me for neck.
But trust me. As a fast thinker, I quickly came up with something.
“Unfortunately, my roommate… you know him now, Diran… he is having some visitors tonight, so it won’t be convenient for you to come around too.”
Oya, you come and visit me.”
I had no choice, at that point, than to accept.
“Okay, just to prove wrong this weird notion you have that I am avoiding you. I will come and visit you today.”
She was quite happy to hear that, so happy that she jumped up and unashamedly gave me a hug where I sat, not minding that there were two other teachers in the staff room with us; both married women who loved gossip more than food.
It was a month since my resumption at the school; a crazily interesting one month. After the initial romp with Ifeoma closely followed by Jacinta the other night, not a week passed without me having at least three appointments with different female students. And I had gotten myself some new ‘subscribers’. One of them was Ifeoma's best friend, then there was a shy one, Soma, who I had noticed was silently crushing on me, and had not wasted time to take advantage of. How I did that is a very interesting story which I will share another day. The third one had actually applied for my affections with a letter.
But there was still one girl I had my eyes on that had refused to fall into my honeyed tap. Her name was Oluchi.
She was a petite, very light skinned girl, and looked much like a China doll. In fact, she was as creamy as any posh city girl till she opened her mouth. Her thick Igbo accent was not a worry to me though, she was really pretty, and I wanted her.

The moment I entered SS1C to teach that afternoon, she was the first person I noticed… as usual. She was there at the front seat, dazzling my eyes even with her low cut.
This girl you must enter my trap, I thought, and decided to speak to her that afternoon.
When I was done teaching, I asked her to see me at the staff room immediately. The plan, though, wasn’t for her to come to the staff room, but for her to come outside to a place where I would have the privacy to ask her what I wanted. I waited for her under a tree a couple of yards away from the staff room.
“Oluchi,” I said when she joined me. “Why have you not come to see me at the corper’s  lodge for once?”
She boldly responded, “Why should I come to see you in the lodge, sir.”
“Am I not your teacher? Don’t you have any question on your classwork to ask me?”
“No, sir.”
Hmm, this girl wants to prove tough, abi? Okay, let me try another tactic and see how it goes.
“What if I tell you that I like you?” I teased.
I was shocked by her next statement. “Like kwa? Sir, what will your like do for me? Will it put money in my pocket?”
“Yes na. Or don’t you know money is very important? Me Oluchi I don’t joke with money o, and anything I do, I do it for money. As I am shining like this, it is money that is doing it o,” she told me boldly, swinging her weight from one leg to the other as she talked.
I found this very interesting but also unsettling. It was the first time any student would talk to me about money. For one, giving a student money in exchange for some fun was a waste, since I could get it free. Also, paying for it took something out of the pleasure of the game.
But then, I really wanted Oluchi. Besides, she was just a village girl, a little change should satisfy her.
“So if I give you money, you will come and see me?”
“Yes now.”
“Even if I say today?”
Ahnahn, what am I doing that I will not be able to come?”
“Okay, come to my lodge at 4pm today. I will find something for you.” I was so excited that I was finally going to get a taste of the little doll that I forgot my appointment with Amaka.
It was only when Amaka herself asked me as we closed, “so, Corper Sean, what time are you coming?”, that I remembered.
Damn! I had to do some fast calculations. If Oluchi came by 4pm as discussed, I should be done with her by 6pm and I would be able to see Amaka by 7pm.

“7pm,” I promised. “7pm unfailingly.”

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