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Corper Sean: Awoof No Dey Run Belle

I gave Diran the gist on all the passes and looks I got from the female students when we got back to the corpers’ lodge. 

"Oh boy, the girls in this school are not shy at all o. How far your own side? How many don skelewu reach your side?"

Instead of answering my question, the otondo started advising me, "Guy, which kind thing you dey talk? These girls are small children. Also, you are their teacher, it is not dignifying..."

Chai! This Diran guy is dull meeeen! Why is it this kind of person they brought to come and serve here with me and even be my roommate?

"Children ko, children ni. Dignify ko, dignify ni," I hissed.” If you like, when they come and meet you, dull yourself.”

Then I told him one of them had promised to bring me abacha this evening, and he would need to excuse us when she came.

"Why? No o, Seun…"

"I've told you, be calling me Sean, not Seun..."

He continued as though I had not spoken, "I won't be party to any yamayama thing you want to do with that girl. I will be here watching you people."

Omo, see enemy of progress sha.

"Nobody is asking you to be a party to anything. Just go and see Felicia so that I and my visitor can have some privacy." Felicia was the female corper that had been posted to the school with us.

"Why do you need privacy? The girl self might have a pure heart, she might not have anything in mind, and you are here thinking evil. I will not leave her alone with you, with all these your evil thoughts.”

I decided to change tactics.

“Who told you I want to do anything with her? What do you take me for? We will just talk, that’s all.”

But the rubbish Diran remained adamant, so I kept quiet.

Two hours later, just as I was beginning to slip into slumber, there was a knock on the door. I jumped off my bed to answer it before Diran. At first, I was disappointed to see Felicia standing there, but smiled when I noticed the tall ebony chic from SS1B behind her.

"She is looking for you," Felicia informed me then turned back to her own room.

My heart did frog jump when I saw what the ebony chic was wearing. She had on a short spaghetti gown that had her boobs pumped up and pushed out at the top like two giant grape fruits. I could swear the only thing that was covered were her nipples.

"C-cccome inside," I stuttered, my eyes refusing to unglue from her bosom.

She handed me the package she came with once we were in the room – the promised abacha.

I offered her a chair and went to sit on the mattress beside Diran, before opening the massive bowl. The aroma that came out and the sight that grasped my eyes had me salivating. The abacha was topped with an enticing array of countless peppered ponmo.

Beside me, Diran stretched his neck to almost breaking point, mouth open as he stared at the content of the bowl.

I covered it back, then started small talk with the girl, “What’s that your name again?”

"Ifeoma," she let me know.

"Ifeoma… what does it mean?"

"It means good thing."

"Ah, it's on point. I can see a lot of good things on your body," I complimented, shameless lecher like me.

As we chatted, I kept throwing looks Diran’s way, wirelessly telling him to give us space. I even stepped on his feet twice, but the parole-spoiler just wouldn't bulge.

I got fed up.

"Diran, come let me see you outside for a moment."

Outside I said to him, "Guy, you no wan’ gree free me abi? No problem, you see that abacha wey get plenty ponmo, wey you see your throat dey dance? Your mouth no go touch tiny piece like this inside am."

"Ahnahn, why you come dey threaten me with food? If na privacy you want, I go give you o. But I don tell you before, no do any rubbish with these girls. They are small children. Remember say awoof dey run belle."

And with that the mumu went in, took his shirt and left for Felicia's room.


I shut the door behind him and turned back to Ifeoma, trying to work out the right words and moves to get her into bed sharp sharp!

But I did not need to bother myself; Ifeoma herself was prepared for me. Before I could string two thoughts together, she was on me. She hugged me, gave me a small kiss on the mouth and guided me to the bed.

On the bed she undressed me to the boxers and began rubbing me in parts I cannot mention.

This girl and experience, same WhatsApp group.

She knelt over me and made to take off her dress, making my already fast beating heart race harder… then she stopped.

“Corper, promise me I will be passing your subject. I am not good at Maths…”

“Of course, you will be passing it excellently,” I said quickly. See this girl o, I will promise anything at this point.

She smiled and continued taking off the gown, then her bra, letting the wondrous mounds on her chest hang out in their full glory.

My eyes almost popped out.

I dove to the side of my bed for the bag that had the condom stash I had taken to camp but had been unable use there, then rushed back to the bed to fully enjoy my mega awoof.

About an hour later, we were done and dressed up, and I escorted Ifeoma out of the room. Just as I opened the door, I saw another female student there, about to knock. It was the second girl, the one that promised to come help me clean my room and wash my clothes.

I had totally forgotten about her.

Quickly, to avoid any possible clashes, I coded it, “Okay, you are here to see Diran, abi? Go inside and wait, I will call him. I opened the door and gently pushed her in before she could say anything, then sharperly ushered Ifeoma on her way.

Omo, if this goes like the previous, it’s back to back awoof in one night o,” I mused as I headed back to join my latest guest.

I remembered Diran’s words of warning earlier, “Awoof dey run belle.”

I shrugged it off and reassured myself, “Na lie, awoof no dey run belle. If na so, all man go don die of purging.”

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