Monday, 24 September 2018

Big Girl with Biggest God (Pt. 2)

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I sashayed into the reception hall.

As expected, I stole stares as I moved, but I knew who my targets were, so no time for distractions. I made straight for a table that was as close as I could get to the special area where the big guns were seated. As I did, my eyes roamed all over them, recognizing several movers and shakers of the society. 

I kept trying to catch the eyes of one of those titans, but it was not easy. I was a bit far away and they were always busy talking to each other or the throng of people that kept going over to greet them. I would have loved to have gone over to greet some of them too, but seeing the number of bodyguards and security detail that dotted that part of the hall, I knew I had to respect myself.

I must not come all this way, spend all this money, time and effort and go without achieving my aim, I thought determinedly.

When the groom and bride made their entrance and music went up, come and see me dancing along seductively; shaking, twirling and jiggling everything I got. I also sang loudly and deployed every ‘notice-me’ move in my arsenal. All the while, my eyes were fixed on that VIP area. Finally, I got the attention I was seeking. One of them, a well-known senator from the North glanced my way twice, our eyes even locked once, making my kidney and intestines quiver inside me in excitement.

Yes, yes, Kira. It is happening!

However, once the couple were on the dance floor, all attention went back to them, and I knew I would need more than cursory glances of interest to achieve my aim. I needed to get closer.

But how? It seemed like mission impossible with the thickness of security around the senator who had looked my way in particular.

Soon, the dignitaries began leaving their seats one after the other to spray the dancing couple, and many of the security men accompanied them. I took opportunity of the fact that there were now only a few security around the VIP area to go closer. I stood closer to the seat my target occupied, dancing there like I was just innocently trying to get a closer look at what was happening on the stage.

When he came back with his men, aides, bodyguard and policemen, trailing at his back, my heart began pounding wildly. I continued dancing and stylishly began moving towards him with a sensual smile.

My crazy plan was to greet and gush over him, and if I was as lucky as I hoped I would be, I would get invited over to sit at his table. And I almost succeeded.

I had managed to worm my way to stand next to his seat by the time he arrived there, and as he sat, I made sure my eyes caught his again and genuflected in greeting, “Good afternoon sir. Your excellency sir…”

But that was as far as I got. Next thing I knew, a bodyguard pulled me up, and not too gently spun me away from the vicinity of the Senator. “Move away, move away,” I was ordered.

When the bodyguard let go of me, I did not quite regain my balance, hence stumbled against a server carrying a tray of cocktail. The tray went flying and I shrieked as the content tumbled all over me, soaking the front of my dress.

I quickly turned my back on the server, so she would not recognize me, and dabbed agitatedly at my dress.  I saw that the wetness had made it transparent and my nipples were showing!

As if that was not embarrassing enough, the ruckus had attracted the attention of people around and many of them were staring at me with open disgust.

I rushed to the bathroom.

In there, I tried to dry myself with the combination of tissue and hand dryer. As I did, my eyes reddened and if not that I knew I would ruin my make up too, I would have cried at that moment.

Such bad luck! Just when I was close to talking to that Senator, this disaster had to happen. I cursed the stupid bodyguard that had pushed me away.

I am tired self. I better just go home. There’s no way I am getting anyone’s attention after that scene and the state my dress is in now.

I exited the ladies with the aim of just leaving the event and going home.
Immediately I got out, I saw the bodyguard waiting, the same one that had rough handled me earlier.

Ah, are they going to arrest me or what?

With his facial expression harder than concrete, he thrusted a phone at me, saying, “My boss asked for your number. Type it here.”

My heart leapt. I did not even bother asking who his boss was. Of course it was the Senator. I took the phone from him with shaking hands and typed my number in. He in turn, pressed something on the phone (obviously saving my number), and went away without another word.

I couldn’t believe it. I had achieved my aim after all! My legs were shaking, for real. “I have made it, I can’t believe it. I have made it,” I kept whispering as I went out of the banquet hall. Then I added a prayer, “Oh Baba God, I beg o, let this ‘biggest god’ that collected my number call me. Please, let him not forget to call me so I can finally become a ‘big girl with biggest god’.”

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