Saturday, 15 September 2018

Before I Self Destruct

Olu stared hard at the man at the VVIP section of the club with no less than seven girls dancing on, around and all over him. “Is that not Frank I am seeing? Frank my course mate at OSU that year?”
He moved closer to try and get a better look, but only as close as he could without the VVIP bouncer sending him back to the club floor. The more he looked, the more convinced he was that that was Frank.

“Omo, look at this guy sha. Tiny Frank of those days? See the kind of level he is on, see babes, see drinks. VVIP, only him… This guy must be really big now.”
Coming to the club that day, his plan had been to have a drink, enjoy himself on the dancefloor and then pick a chick to go home with, but at the sight of Frank, all of that disappeared. He knew he had to find a way to speak to him.
“Only him cannot enjoy all those things alone o; the babes, the booze. I must join him na.”

He immediately became a self-appointed watchman, eyes fixed on Frank and watching every move, not wanting to miss him whenever he came out of the VVIP section for any reason.
He didn't have to wait too long. Frank soon came down with the girls streaming along and headed towards the door. Seemed they were calling it a night already. Olu rushed off after them.

Navigating through the well-packed club was not the easiest of tasks. By the time he finally got out, Frank and his party were at the parking lot, with four of the girls already cramming themselves into a red Toyota Camry while the remaining three and Frank stood beside another car.
“Frank! Frank!” he shouted and the man turned round. It was indeed him!

Olu ran the rest of the way to him. Frank stared at him like a stranger for about ten seconds, then his expression cleared. “Ah, Olumide!”
“I talk am now, I talk am say na you!” Olu shouted and both men exchanged boisterous handshakes and hugs.
“It’s been, what, eight years?”
“Nine to be exact,” Olu corrected him. “We graduated in 2009 o, and I have not set these my eyes on you since then.”


"Dude, your level is mad gan. I saw you in there at VVIP," Olu’s eyes danced all over the girls that were standing beside Frank and the other five in the car in front of them. "You na chairman o."
Frank gave a small smile.
"Where are you off to? Let me roll with you now. I won’t mind partaking in this your enjoyment o, even if it is just a little. Oga, only you seven women. Chai!”
"Really?" Olu have him a funny little look. Then shrugged. "No problem, you can roll with me if you really want to."

He asked one of the girls with him to join the others in the 2nd car.
"You are the owner of these 2 cars?" asked Olu.
"Only this Benz is mine," Frank responded. “The other one belongs to one of the ladies.”
The Benz was a shiny white 2016 C Class. Olu spent 10 seconds admiring its glossy lines before getting into the passenger seat.
“This your ride is very tight,” he complimented.  “What are you doing now?” He had thought of the possibility that his old course mate was involved in something illegal, like Yahoo or drug business.

“I head the IT department of an oil-servicing firm,” Frank responded. “And you?”
“Ah, me I am managing one contract job with a bank. Things have not been so rosy at my end in the past few years jor.”
Frank started the engine and they were on their way. Olu did not ask where they were headed. He didn't mind where they went, as long as he got to be part of Frank's chopping life things.

The Story Continues>>>Click Here for Part 2

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