Sunday, 16 September 2018

Before I Self Destruct (Pt. 2)

Olu woke up the next morning in a bit of confusion and looked around him frantically. He tried to move his hands and legs, but they were held down by something heavy.
His eyes adjusted to his surroundings and he saw that he was on a thickly carpeted floor, looking up at an intricate gypsum ceiling with a chandelier at its centre, and directly opposite him was a huge home theatre screen. 

 To his right was a thicker-bodied light-skinned chick and to his left was an even thicker dark skinned one; the bodies of both were strewn all over him and that was the heaviness he had felt on his arms and legs.
He smiled as he recalled the debauchery of the night before… the unbelievable orgy he and Frank had had with the girls, a wanton mixture of sex, booze and shisha. They had had crazy enjoyment, like people who did not expect to live to see the next day.

He managed to roll the girls off him, then went to wake up his long-lost friend where he laid buried under the flesh of the other five girls.
Once awake, Frank woke all the girls too, gave one of them a large stash of money that made Olu's eyes pop, and asked them to be on their way.
"Are you ready to leave too?" he asked Olu

Leave ke? Olu had no plan to do that; not just yet. The weekend was just starting, it was just Saturday, and something told him Frank still had more ‘flenjoy’ things in the pipeline.
“Where am I rushing to? Let me still hang out with you small. Unless you want me to go…”
"No, of course you can stay as long as you want.”
Olu smiled happily. His ultimate goal was to ask Frank for some cash gift as he could see from his apartment and ride that he was really doing well. But first, he wanted to enjoy as much of his lavish lifestyle as he could before the weekend ran out.
"What's your plan for today?" he asked.
"Shopping things. You can come along," Frank responded heightening his joy further. Thank God I said I was not ready to go; this is how I would have missed free shopping.

And did they shop!
They went from store to store in the mall, not just any store but designer stores, buying and buying and buying. 
Olu lost track of how much Frank spent with his platinum ATM card that he flashed effortlessly each time they were billed, but he was certain it was nothing less than N8million. King of their purchases was a gold Hublot watch worth N6.4million that he had paid for without blinking.
Olu himself got to buy a few things on his friend's bill that was worth more than 500k.

Back at Frank's apartment, Olu got curious. “Guy this your flexing is on a serious high o. I mean, even though you must be very well paid, your lavishness is unusual. Did you win some jackpot, get an inheritance or hit mega payoff from some investment?”
Frank laughed. "Nothing of that sort. I just have a bucket list of things I plan to do during this year’s leave. I have worked hard over the years, so I deserve it.”
Bucket list? Olu’s ear stretched. That meant there were still many more fun things to come. He planned to be part of it all.
"Wow, bucket list. Nice. So what are you going to be doing next?”

"I have just two few things left o. I have already gone mountain climbing, sky diving and deep-sea diving abroad. I have also been to see all the seven wonders of the world. One of the things left is to take a private jet ride from Lagos to Abuja and back."
Olu shouted. "Private jet ride! My God! Ah abeg, na beg I dey beg o, you must take me with you. In fact, even that one other thing, it's me and you that will do it together.”
“Are you sure?”
“Very sure o. I must not miss any of this your flexing na. Even the ones I have missed is paining me. Though VISA for hard sha.”

Frank laughed some more, “Funny guy.” Then he paused, thought deeply for a short while and shrugged. "Okay, no problem. If you really want to be part of it, I can't say no to a friend. The private jet ride is tomorrow."
That was how Olu spent yet another night in Frank's apartment.
The next morning at 10am they were off for the private jet ride, with Olu once again having a change of clothes from Frank's closet. The jet ride was a mind-blowing process for him and he did nothing to conceal his childlike euphoria as they got into the jet once all formalities were concluded and took off into the sunny Lagos skies.

The plush comfy fitting of the jet, the champagne, caviar and grills they were served, the view from the jet, it was all almost too much for Olu to handle. He wished it would not come to an end, but of course it did. And he could only look forward to the next adventure. With what he had experienced so far, he could only guess it would rock his world.

The Story Continues>>>Final Part

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