Monday, 17 September 2018

Before I Self Destruct (Final Pt.)

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 "So where are we hitting next?" he asked Frank once back at the apartment.
"Tonight’s parole will be here in the apartment,” was the response he got. “Are you sure you don't want to be going home now? It will run well into the night and you need to prepare for work tomorrow."
“Don't worry about that. I will be fine. Let me just keep chilling with you. I must not miss this one too. Tomorrow I will go home.”

He saw a strange look cross Frank's features, something similar to exasperation. He wondered if his pal was already getting tired of his presence.
"Baba let me continue rolling with you now. I am really having the time of my life. I can go tomorrow,” he pleaded.
Frank shrugged and let him be. 

Olu went on to have his bath and change his clothes. He opened Frank’s closet to select a pair of jeans and shirt to wear. As he did, something fell from the side of the closet.
He picked it up. It was a paper folded tightly into a rectangle. He knew he should just return it to where it had fallen from, but curiosity got the better of him. He unfolded it.
The paper was folded around a five by seven picture of Frank with a woman and two young kids. His family. Olu had not known Frank was married, much less a father. He hadn’t even thought to ask in the midst of all the enjoyment.

He lost interest in the picture when he saw what was written on the paper that held it.
“What?” he gasped as he read it. “Before I self destruct, before I join you guys... bow out on a cocktail of lethal drugs? Not me and you, men!”

It was clear to him that Frank was on a suicide mission, ticking off a list of all the fun things he had always wanted to do before the final deed. And he, stupidly led by greed and long-throat, had talked himself into being part of it.
He dropped the paper and picture like they were burning his hand and rushed out of the room. 
He saw Frank mixing a concoction of a variety of exotic alcoholic drinks and some other strange substances. Possibly the lethal cocktail.

Without saying a word to him, he burst out of the apartment, not even remembering to pick the bag that contained the shopping Frank had done for him. "Die your die alone o,” he thought wildly. "Die your die alone!"

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