Wednesday, 29 August 2018

The Happy Bunny

Efe poised over her colleague’s computer, eyes darting around quickly, checking to see if anyone was watching her.

No one was. The two other people in the room with her at that moment were seated a distance away, and both were too focused on what they were doing.

Yet she hesitated.

“Do you really want to do this?” she asked herself, then responded with metallic resolve, “Yes I definitely want to do this. I just hate that girl so much. She’s so annoying; always chattering loudly, laughing off point, and getting on my nerves. I just want her to disappear with her silliness. Doing this will make her disappear.”

The girl in question was her colleague with whom she shared a work station. Her name was Susan but Efe’s personal nickname for her was ‘The Happy Bunny’. That was because Susan, small-sized and brown-skinned, reminded her of bunnies in old Walt Disney cartoons, and in addition, had a very jovial and cheery personality.

The small space of the office was constantly filled with her non-stop chatter and resounding laughter. This characteristic endeared her to most people, but not Efe; she irritated the heck out of her. Making matters worse was the fact that the Happy Bunny’s sunny nature always seemed to draw a lot of good luck to her. She always got the best of everything in the office, the easiest and most prestigious tasks, and endless accolades from their boss. All these had slowly, over the months of working together, built a steadily growing ball of envy in Efe’s stomach that threatened to choke her anytime she set her eyes on Susan.

“I can’t continue to tolerate her silliness around me. What’s always making her happy? I don’t blame her, when she has such a perfect little life, why won’t she always be giddy with joy. Well, she just needs to get out of the faces of those of us that do not have it so great. This is my opportunity to get rid of her and I must use it well!”

Susan had hopped off somewhere, probably chattering away with a colleague in the next room, and had forgotten to lock her computer. The moment Susan noticed it, she knew it was a good opportunity to mess up the annoying bunny.

“All I need to do is send a terrible message to our boss with her email, and she will be done for.”

There was no going back. Efe tapped on Susan’s mail client and quickly typed a short but scandalous message to their boss, accusing him of sexual harassment, signed it off and tapped ‘send’. Then quickly hurried back to her own seat.

In less than 5 mins the happy bunny returned, singing in an off-key manner and beaming as usual.

“Efestik, hope today’s work is not too stressful,” she called out as she took her seat.

Efe cracked up a forced smile and responded appropriately, thinking to herself, “Let’s see how you will continue to smile when kasala bursts on your head any time now.”

The kasala did not burst quick. Efe spent over an hour restlessly shuffling in her seat, waiting for the happy bunny to be summoned to the boss’s office.

“When is he going to read her mail now?” she kept wondering. “He should hurry up and read it.”

Then finally the reaction she was waiting for came.

The boss shot out of his office and bellowed,” Susan, Efe! Come into my office right now.”

“Yes, boss,” Susan got up slowly to her feet and Efe followed suit. She did not know why she was being called in as well, but was happy to have the opportunity to witness the showdown.

“What is the meaning of this mail?” the boss questioned, but he did not direct the question at the funny bunny, he was looking straight at Efe with pure anger in his eyes. He gestured at the mail displayed on his laptop’s screen “Why did you send this message to me?”

“Me?” Efe squeaked. How had he guessed she sent it? “But that’s Susan’s email address, not mine.”

“That I can see, but it was signed in your name!”

Efe gasped at stared at the mail again, eyes racing to the bottom. It read, “Best regards, Efe Omorodion”. She had been so carried away that she had signed off the incriminating mail as she usually did all her mails, with her own full name!

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