Sunday, 19 August 2018

Secret Life of Trolls: Meet Ejiro

Ejiro sat curled up like a content kitten, smiling with irrepressible pleasure as she typed away speedily on her iPhone 3.

She was having a swell time, textually tearing down the person who had been unfortunate enough to fall into her trap that morning.

Trolling was her favourite pastime, and she had a lot of time to pass. She loved scrolling through the pages of celebrities and popular blogs, looking for any post to latch on to like a rabid dog, ever ready to spill vitriol-laden comments, and deriving untold pleasure from the knowledge that her words were ruining someone’s day.

She scrunched her legs together tightly as she typed, needing to pee, but there was no way she was getting up without first hitting ‘send’ on the 80-word comment she was typing in response to an actress’ vacation picture.

“When you read this, ashawo, you will almost commit suicide,” she laughed as she finally hit the send button.
She dropped the phone and called out to her brother who was fast sleep on a mattress a few feet away, “Eees, go outside. I wan’ piss.”

He got up, grumbling, and exited the face-me-I-slap-you room, giving Ejiro the privacy to pull out her short-put bucket for a rushed pee. She couldn’t wait to check if the actress had responded to her comment or tried to block her.

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