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Money Doubling Bae

We were at a fast food place when Ify first mentioned Daniella to me. Ify, an ex-girlfriend (not really an ex-girlfriend, more like a girl I had runs’ed and gotten tired of in no time), bumped into me having lunch at my favourite eatery.

After our initial greeting, she started accusing me, “You have not missed me at all sef since our break up. You haven’t even bothered calling me, not once. You just boned my side completely.”

“No, not at all. You be my special girl any day na,” I lied.

“Hmm, Paulo… I believe you sha. Even if you don’t think I am special, me I know I am, because the moment you met me you got a better job. And even though you blanked me, I know I have been a source of blessing to you despite that we are no longer together.”

I scoffed at that inwardly, blessing indeed, but smiled and nodded at her.

And even when we started eating she continued, “I know you don’t believe these kind of things, but I tell you, there are girls that bring good luck to men who get involved with them. I am an example and I have seen and heard many other cases.”

“I hear you…”

“In fact, there is one girl close to me that her own is very strong. Very strong. This girl ehn, we stay in the same hostel, any man that touches her and gives her money ends up getting times two what they have given her before the end of that day.”

“Interesting…” I commented, but was more interested in the piece of chicken I was doing justice to than her half-brained narrative.

“I swear. I have seen it happen more than three times. The last guy I saw it happen to is a friend of mine in school and her current boyfriend. Any time she visits him and he gives her money, he gets times two that money before the end of the day, for no reason at all.”

“Very interesting,” I muttered again, crunching my chicken bone. Cock and bull story, I thought to myself, with an inner smile.

“So when can we see again?” Ify finally changed the topic, just as we finished eating.

“Don’t worry, I will call you. I still have your number. I will call you very soon.”

I quickly exited the eatery, regretting that I had come across the talkative girl. Not only was the chat with her very boring and irrelevant, I had also had to pay for her lunch, and I saw buying lunch for a girl I had no intention of sleeping with as a complete waste of money. I’m never a fan of wasting money.

I hoped never to run into her again.

But I did.

Within the same week, I bumped into Ify again at the same fast food place. I usually frequented that particular eatery because it was close to my place of work. It was very easy for me to breeze in there, grab a quick lunch and return to the office. But it was far from Ify’s school or residence so I was puzzled as to why she was coming there often these days.

This time, she was not alone; a female friend was with her. They were both seated at a table not far from the counter, munching at meat pies, so it was easy for them to notice me as I approached the counter. Ify waved and I waved back. I had no choice but to take my food to their table. At least they had already ordered so I would not have to suffer paying for their food this time.

As soon as I was seated, Ify introduced her friend to me. “Meet my friend and roommate, Daniella.”

I nodded and we moved into small chitchat, with me generally asking how things were going with them at school. When Daniella stood up to use the rest room, Ify quickly moved her seat closer to me and said, “You remember the Daniella I ‘gisted’ you about the last time we saw? The one I said has very strong good luck. That’s her.”

“Oh, the money doubling lady,” I laughed.

“I know you are taking it as a joke. Well, if you have experienced it before, you will know how real it is.”

I laughed some more, I couldn’t help it.

“In fact, I can strike a bet with you over this issue. Ask any of your friends to go out with Daniella and be giving her money, no matter how small. Then you’ll see what will happen,” Ify said angrily.

“I believe you na, Ify, are you getting angry? I believe you.”

The said Daniella came back at that moment and that ended the conversation. I took a good look at her then. She was not bad looking though she was not really my specification in women. She was smallish, dark-skinned with medium sized boobs and backside, whereas I liked my women to be tall, flashily fair and well-endowed in at least one of the chest or back regions, better still both r. Just like Ify who was tall, fair and had very big breasts, though her bakassi was not much to look at.

Impulsively, I decided to put Ify’s theory to test. However, I wasn’t going to test it through a friend, no way. If it turned out to be true after all (though the chances of that was very slim), he would be the one to benefit. I would test it myself. But being the woke nigger I was, I would make Ify believe otherwise.

When we were done eating, I escorted the girls out and pulled Ify aside.

“Okay. I have decided to test this good luck you claim your friend has, talk to her…”

“What do you mean you want to test it,” Ify at once flared up. “What I said is, let one of your friends try her out and you will see I am not lying. How can I open my eyes and watch you go out with her…”

“Relax, babe. Let me finish first. You just talk to her and convince her to come to my place tomorrow night. My friend will be waiting there and they can hook up.”

“Oh, okay. I fear o. No problem now, I will talk to her. She is my good friend and I am sure she will be interested in going out with a friend of someone like you who is obviously doing good. Especially as she does not have a boyfriend at the moment.”

“What about the boy you said she is dating in your school?” I enquired. Why would anyone let go of the girl if she truly was a walking good luck charm.

“He has travelled out now. But he still sends her money o. It’s just that having a long-distance relationship is never the same as having someone you can see anytime you want to, so she’s tired.”

I nodded. We finalized the timing for the meet-up between Daniella and my so-called friend and all went our way.

The next day at 6.30pm as agreed, Ify and her friend arrived at my house.

“Where’s your friend?” Ify immediately asked.

“He’s on his way. Just a few streets away.” Of course, no friend was on the way. I pulled her aside. “Why not go and leave your friend here. I will like her and that my friend to have some privacy when he comes. Even me, I will leave them alone.”

“Let me wait till he comes, at least. Then maybe you and me can go out together or something.”

Try again, Miss.

“That’s a good idea. Unfortunately. I have some pressing office work to finish. Immediately you leave sef I will retire to my room to start working.”

“Okay o. But you guys should take good care of my friend o,” Ify capitulated and bade her friend farewell. I smiled in her wake. They don’t call me smooth operator for nothing.

Then I swooped in on Daniella. One look at her somewhat shy, unexposed-looking face told me she would not be a difficult game to handle and I was right. I was able to locate and press her mumu button in a matter of minutes. I simply told her she had captivated me the moment I saw her in the eatery yesterday, but could not come directly to her because of my past with Ify, hence I had lied that I wanted her to hook up with my friend. “There is no friend, darling, it is just me going crazy for you.”

A few more similar verses and we were smooching on my sofa. Quickly, I steered the match to my bedroom for a proper play-off. While sex was not the reason I had lured the young girl to my house, it wasn’t a bad additional benefit either. And if at all the praise-singing Ify had done about her ended up being baseless, I would not lose completely.

The sex was not too bad. She turned out to be not as innocent as she looked in bed, and what she lacked in bodily endowments she made up for in flexibility.

When we were done and it was time for her to leave, I gave her five thousand naira. “Use this for t-fare,” I told her.

She was very grateful and thanked me profusely. As she was about exiting the apartment, she paused and asked me. “Were you serious when you said you would love to make me your wife some day?”

“Of course,” I reassured her, with a peck on the forehead.

When she was gone, I collapsed on the sofa. “Now, let’s wait for the money doubling to happen. And I really hope this was not just an exercise in futility.” The 5k I had given her was the most I had ever given any girl that came over to my place. In fact, with my good looks, sweet tongue and sleek ways, I rarely had to give any female any money to get me laid whenever I wanted.

I was still waiting for the money doubling miracle to happen when I slipped into sleep.

It was not until my alarm went off at 6am the next morning that I woke up. I jumped off the sofa, recalled the happenings of the previous night and looked around to see if there was any money around me. Nothing.

I hissed angrily. “What a bloody waste of time. To think I had even had a small part of me believing that nonsense Ify had fed me.”

Despite my anger, more at myself than Ify, I waved off the whole silly business and began preparing for work. I had finished having my bath and was about putting on my work clothes when I noticed a slim roll of money sitting on my dresser.

I could not remember leaving it there, I am never careless with money. If my money is not neatly tucked away in my wallet, it will be locked away in the bottom drawer of my dresser, not lying about carelessly.

I picked up the money and counted it. Ten Thousand Naira. I immediately froze. Could this be the ten thousand naira I was expecting from my liaison with the money doubling Daniella?

“Naah… it’s not possible. It’s just a coincidence. Maybe I had somehow dropped that money there yesterday but just can’t remember,” I argued with myself.

Being someone that loved money a lot, I really wanted my five thousand to be returned to me double-fold, yet deep inside my logical mind I did not believe it could happen. How could any human being be a good luck charm? Especially a sinful one at that, one who would sleep with a man she met at the drop of a hat?

No, no way, there had to be a more reasonable explanation for the money on the dresser.

I tucked the money into my wallet, finished dressing up and went off to work.

But in the office, the incident kept crawling back into my subconscious. Finally, to set my mind at rest, and to kick these foolish thoughts out of my usually sane head, I decided to give the Daniella girl another trial. Just to prove to myself that the money I had found was just a coincidence and that the girl had no money doubling qualities whatsoever.

I picked up my phone and dialed her number.

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