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Money Doubling Bae (Part 2)

That evening, Daniella came alone as I had instructed her to. I had told her that for now, we needed to keep our relationship from Ify, so as not to hurt her emotions.

She seemed to have grown prettier and more radiant since the last time I saw her. The last time she had been casually dressed in jeans and a nondescript top, but today she was wearing a sexy red body-embracing gown that ended many inches away from her knees. We both did not waste time finding our way to the bedroom for another session of bedmatics.

When we were done and had replenished some of our used-up energy with malt drinks and some snacks from my fridge, I gave her some cash for ‘transportation’ as expected, and she was on her way. This time, I gave her twenty thousand naira.

Immediately she left I rushed back to check my dresser. There was no money on it, it’s drawers were also devoid of any cash.

I refused to go to bed, I kept prancing about my two-bedroom pad, checking drawers and table tops intermittently to reassure myself that no mysterious money had appeared. When I could not hold sleep off anymore, I crashed unto my bed. But before sleep could sweep me off, my phone vibrated beside me, I looked down at it. It was a message, I clicked it open and it turned out to be a credit alert. Someone had deposited Forty Thousand Naira into my bank account. I shot up from the bed, instantly wide awake and as alert as the message that had just tumbled into my phone.

I squinted at my phone in disbelief. The only information I could get from the SMS alert was that someone had deposited Forty Thousand Naira into my account from an ATM in Agidingbi. I was not expecting payment from anyone, did not know anyone staying at Agidingbi, and it was too much of a coincidence that the money was the exact same amount that I was expecting to get if Daniella indeed possessed a supernatural money doubling essence.

I logged unto my mobile banking app, with the bid to get more details on the strange money that had been sent to me. But it ended up offering little more than what I already seen on the SMS alert. No sender’s name, no comments.

There was little doubt in my mind now that my tryst with Daniella this evening and the money I had given her was the source of this windfall.

“My God! So this shit is true!”

My mind was blown. This was sweeter than any investment I had ever put my money into. 100% interest yield at zero length of time! Wow, it was the stuff my best dreams were made of. And to think I had doubted Ify when she had keyed me into it? Thank God I had decided to just give it a trial.

I swore there and then to never let go of Daniella, even when I got married I would keep her as my side bae – my money doubling bae!

I could barely concentrate at work the next day. I was filled with the uncontrollable need to pick up the phone and invite Daniella over again. I wanted to have another money doubling session with her, this time with higher stakes and higher profit. But I tried to put the urge under check as I did not want to come across to her as needy; women always get drunk with power when they notice they hold any sort of power over a man and do not hesitate to manipulate it to their fullest benefit.

I hoped Ify had not told her about her money doubling luck, or talked about it to other people. Quickly I put a call across to Ify; I had a plan to prevent either scenario from occurring if they hadn’t already.

“Babe how far,” I said when she picked, and went straight to the point. “That your friend is not money doubling anything. The friend I hooked her up with has given her money twice and hasn’t gotten anything in return.”

“Are you sure? I don’t believe. Maybe he just didn’t want to tell you the truth,” she countered.

“This is my very close friend who is even more like a brother to me. He would never lie to me,” I assured her.

The back and forth continued for a few more minutes, but trust me, at the end of it I got her to start doubting her belief that Daniella had supernatural good luck following her.

“Hope you have not told anyone else about it?”

I was happy when she responded in the negative, but pushed on: “Not even Daniella herself.”

“How will I tell her such a thing? So her head will be swelling? I can never do that now.”

“Good. Because it is not even true sef. I have confirmed that. Make she no go dey believe say she be wetin she no be.”

Immediately I cut the call with Ify, I called up Daniella.

“Babes, I can’t believe I am missing you again already. You this girl, have you given me love portion?”

She laughed excitedly at the indirect compliment, and returned. “I am missing you too, Paul.”

“Thanks, dear. Can I see you again tonight?”

She agreed like I expected her to.

I closed early that day as I needed to rush to the bank first to withdraw a tidy sum of money. I planned on investing big on Daniella that night. Also, I needed to prepare for my Money Doubling Bae’s visit. I prepared my favourite dish, semo and egusi soup garnished with turkey, hoping she would love it too. Then I bought a bottle of fruit wine and waited for her arrival.

As usual, she was punctual. And as usual, we dove into bed once we were done eating the delicious food I had prepared. I was not even interested in the sex at all this time. Money was the only thing on my mind.

When it was time for her to leave and for me to give her the usual ‘t-fare’, I hesitated. I could not hand her the money just like that. It was more substantial than what I had been giving her previously and not your usual ‘t-fare’ money. I did not want to risk her wondering why I was giving her such a sum of money out of the blues. So, I began ‘wining’ her:

“I noticed you looked a bit dull when you came in earlier, hope there is nothing wrong?”

“No, nothing is wrong. I’m fine,” she assured me.

“Are you sure?” I leaned closer and more intimately to her. “You know you can tell me anything. You are my babe now and I need to really take care of you. If there is anything you need, be it financial or whatever, for school or whatever, just let me know.”

A few seconds pause from her, then she said. “Well, actually, I need some money for school. My school fees is due and things are not too buoyant at home. Also hand-outs…”

“Shhhhhh.” I placed my index finger on her lips. “Say no more.”

I dashed into my room and dug the money I had withdrawn from my work bag and returned to her with it. “Take this money. It’s just two hundred and fifty thousand naira. I hope it will solve your issues or at least a big part of it. Don’t worry, I will give you more very soon.”

“Two hundred and fifty thousand naira!” she jumped unto me, incredulous with excitement. “Thank you so much, baby, thank you.”

“Oh, it’s nothing. Don’t worry. Now that you are dating me, all your worries are over. Just make sure you keep us a secret for now.”

She nodded and appeared to be close to tears with gratitude.

I watched as she went off happily, and the moment the door closed behind her, I started laughing. “Little do you know, little do you know.”

I went back into my room and collapsed unto my bed, waiting eagerly for my five hundred thousand naira to come to me.

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