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Sarewagba 2

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In a few days, Chime had completely forgotten about Dara and his little tryst with her, becoming completely suffused in work and his wedding preparations so much so that he did not even have time to hang out with his friend Tunde like he usually did. Both friends only talked on phone and mostly their talk centred on the wedding preparation as the D-day was very close and Tunde was the best man.

It was therefore a shocker to him when he arrived home, exactly five days after his romp with her, to find Dara standing outside his door. He stopped in his tracks when he spotted her. “Abi this girl na winch?” he wondered. The he steeled himself and went over to her.

“Erm… Dami, sorry Dara, what are you doing here?” he asked brusquely. What if Anu had come home with him, how would he have explained this girl’s presence to her?

She looked genuinely surprised by his question. “I came to visit you. Am I not welcome to visit you? I would have called before coming, but I don’t have your number and you did not call me like you said you would. I’ve really missed you and needed to see you.”

He said nothing, but quietly opened the door and let her in. He cursed himself now for having brought her to his house in the first place; he should have taken her to a hotel. It seemed she did not see herself as what she was to him – a sarewagba that was beckoned for nothing but a sexual fling, which for him was just a one-off. It was clear that she had caught feelings and probably saw herself as his girlfriend. He needed to set things straight as much as he hated to do that.

He sat her down in his living room and struggled for a diplomatic way to gently open her eyes to reality. But there really was no diplomatic way to say what he had to say. He took one look at her face, free of make-up, yet pretty. Looking at just her face without that banging body in view, she looked really young.

Hope this girl is not an under-age. Oh, boy…

“How old are you?” he asked, scared of the response she would give.

“Twenty-four. Why?”

Chime let out a sigh of relief. Thank God! “Twenty-four, you are a big girl now. So you will understand what I’m about to say to you. I have noticed that you have begun to grow some attachment to me after what we had together a few nights back. But I want you to understand that it was just a…. it was nothing serious.” He began to stammer. “You ssee… erm… as you are looking at me, I am technically a married man. I mmmean in a few days I would be married. So there can be nothing between us…”

His voice trailed off as he noticed her eyes were welling up with tears. “I don’t believe you. If you are technically married, why are you living alone?”

“Because we are not like some engaged couples who love to cohabit. I’m serious…”

“No, no... I still don’t believe it, you just want to get rid of me. I saw the way you were acting on Saturday morning. And that is why you never called me back. So you just wanted to have sex with me and dump me?”

“Dara. I’m serious. I’m about to get married; nothing can continue between us.”

“Why then didn’t you tell me that before bringing me here that night and using me?”

This was really getting messy and Chime was getting exasperated.

“I thought you understand how these things work; your friend Amaka knows how it goes. Didn’t she tell you when she brought you to that bar? It’s just a fling and I don’t expect you seeing it as something more than that.”

“Oh, I’m just a fling to you.” Her expression changed from tearful to angry. “You used me and dumped me and now I am just a fling to you?”

Chime was having a headache now. He refused to let her guilt-trip him. He had never promised her anything, so she needed to stop acting like he had promised her undying love.
“Dara, I am sorry if you got the wrong impression, that was never my intention. You are a really beautiful young woman and no man would want to use and dump you. But in this situation, all I needed was someone to keep me company for one night, just one night and nothing more. I thought you understood. Please you need to go home, my fiancée can come over to pay me a visit at any time…”

Dara immediately activated tantrum mode. “I am not going anywhere,” she informed him with a wild look on her face and all of a sudden tears burst out of her like a shower head that was turned on full blast.

Chime sighed. He didn’t not need any of this drama. Omo, this girl get skoi-skoi o. Tuna, what have you gotten me into?

It was clear that his straight-talking, honest approach was not going to work, he needed to find a way to trick her off his back. Even if it meant telling her what she wanted to hear. He needed to get her out of his house and find a way to keep her out. He went over to her, held her and placated her.

“I don’t believe you are getting married, you are just lying,” she insisted.

“Okay you’re right, I am not getting married.” If that’s wat you want to hear.

“So why are you lying? Why do you just want to chase me way? Am I not beautiful enough for you? Didn’t you enjoy being with me the other night?”

“I did, and you’re beautiful.”

“Then tell me you love me.”

That one go hard o.

“Tell me you love me nowww…”

“Okay, I love you.”

Her big clear eyes searched into his, as though trying to find in them a validation to his statement. “Are you sure?”

Chime sighed; it was quite tiring. “I’m sure, Dara. But the thing is ehn, I have had a really long day and I really need to rest. I’m sure you need to rest too. Let me take you back to your school, then later in the day tomorrow, we can have a date somewhere and talk.”

“But I don’t want to go. I want to spend the night here with you.”

“Don’t you have lectures tomorrow morning? Staying here would mean you being late for lectures.”

“No, I don’t have lectures in the morning tomorrow. And don’t worry about my lectures. Let me stay with you, besides you just said you are tired, so how can you start driving all the way to my school when you are tired. You can drop me off tomorrow morning on your way to work.”

Chime couldn’t allow stay. Even though there was very little chance of Anu visiting tonight as it was already late and unlike her to come over without having informed him beforehand, he knew it was dangerous to allow the girl spend yet another night in his house. But short of physically throwing her out, which would be very callous and ungentlemanly of him, there was no way to get her out. He reluctantly decided to let her spend the night, but first thing the next morning, he would return her back to school and find a way to permanently keep her out of his life.

One thing he was sure of was that he wasn’t going to lay a finger on her, he would not cheat on Anu with her one more time.

He let her have the bedroom and went to sleep in the room he used as a guest room. But he was barely there for ten minutes when he heard a knock on the door.

“What do you want?” he called out impatiently.

A muffled reply came back, and he could barely make out the words of it. So he stood and went to the door to see what she wanted. He opened it to see her standing there completely naked; cold-hardened nipples pointing at him.

He didn’t know how it happened; the next thing he knew he was on the guest room bed with Dara, naked too, and giving it to her hot-hot while she moaned uninhibitedly beneath him…

Chime was awash with regret the moment they were done. He could not believe he had cheated on his fiancée again, against his resolve to make the other night his last. What was more, he had done it this time without a condom. What if the girl came back to him tomorrow to say she was pregnant? He had to put a stop to it once and for all, before things got even messier. He couldn’t let her continue emotionally blackmailing him into having sex with her.

Early the next morning he woke her up, asked her to get prepared and drove her back to school. He branched at a pharmacy on the way and bought Postinor 2 and a bottle of water. Back in the car, he gave it to her and asked to take it.


“We had unprotected sex last night, I am sure you don’t want to get pregnant while still school,” Chime responded impatiently.

She shrugged as though to say there was no big deal in that, then said. “I will take it only on one condition.”


“You’re going to give me your number. SO if I don’t hear from you like the other time, I can easily reach you whenever I want to on the phone.”

Chime sighed inwardly. “Fine.” He gave her what he liked to call his ‘decoy number’. It was the one he had set up some time back for his WhatsApp runs with chicks he did not want getting too close. The number was due for abandonment soon, anyway. She saved the number, dialed it to be sure he wasn’t giving her a nonexistent number, then took the pill.

Back at the office as soon as he could grab some time off work, Chime put a call through to Tunde.

“Tuna, I’m in big shit. That sarewagba you arranged for me the other night is one hell of a crazy chick, and she wants to turn herself to my girlfriend by fire by force.” He then launched into the narration of all that had transpired between Dara and him, right from the moment he took her home the first night, to this morning when he dropped her off at school.

“Na wa o,” even Tunde was amazed at the girl’s actions. “She don see fine, made dude, she wan come gum for there. Don’t worry sha, I will call Amaka and ask her to give her a good talking to.”

“Oh boy, this girl? Amaka talking to her would have no effect. Someone I told I am about to get married but completely refused to take it into her skull? Please, I need to do something critical to get her off my back. This is getting too risky.”

“Okay, okay… here is another thing we can do. Since she has known your house and has decided to be showing up uninvited, you will have to abandon your house for some time and act like you have moved…”

Chime felt that was a good idea. “See ehn, Tuna, I will move, not even act like I have moved. I don’t mind that I still have four months’ rent in that place. Because, ehn, the way this thing is going, this girl will end up creating trouble between Anu and I. I will move in with you and start searching for another place immediately.”

True to his words, first thing the next morning, Chime packed up two bags with all his essentials and moved in with Tunde. He also began searching for a new apartment in earnest. Then he put a call through to Anu to let her know he had moved out of his apartment to Tunde’s, and was currently searching for a new place.

“Why?” she questioned like he had expected her to.

“I was robbed last night, my dear. It was God that saved me, those people would have killed me. They were very angry that they couldn’t get anything from me, because I hid my phones and laptop the moment I heard them robbing my neighbor, so they really roughened me up and promised me that the next time they come visiting, I better have things ready for them or they would kill me.”

“Jesus!” Anu swallowed his lie completely. “Hope you are not injured though. I will come over to Tunde’s place right after work today to see you.”

“Okay, but please don’t go back to that place for anything. No one knows when they will strike again. Once I get a new place, I will send movers there to move my property. I don’t plan to step my foot there again.”

When he was done with his call to Anu, Chime congratulated himself for his ingenuity. He looked down at the phone that held the dummy number he had given to Dara. Already he had a couple of missed calls and a barrage of WhatsApp messages from her. He chuckled to himself, switched off the phone and tossed it to the bottom of his traveling bag. There was no way she would be able reach him now.

“I’m done with you and done with you for good, Dara.”

But little did he know that that was not the last he was going to hear from her, despite all his well laid down plans.

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